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JUN 2020

The diversity and richness of the art and culture created by Black people is a varied as the many peoples that trace their origins to the African continent.

Our art and cultures are rooted in many different experiences.  Some expressions are anchored in sacred traditions of the Motherland.  Other forms of expression are colored by the diaspora.  And, there are expressions that are molded by modern technology.

Irrespective of where and how Black people make art, and affirm culture, we want there to be a place for all of it in our coverage of BLACKS in CULTURE.  We hope you will join us as we celebrate our cultural past, our present, and those who are pushing open the frontiers of the future.

News of the Week, from the Publisher's Inbox, along with some commentary


Faced with COVID-19 Induced Budget Cuts, the African American Museum of Philadelphia Calls on Supporters for Aid

Leading off with a quote from former First Lady, Michelle Obama, on May 26, 2020, the African American Museum in Philadelphia issued the following plea for help, as the museum faces the prospect of unprecedented budget cuts by the City Council.

For nearly five decades, the African American Museum in Philadelphia (AAMP) has provided ongoing testimony to African Americans’ immeasurable contributions to our collective heritage.  Now, as we navigate this time of unprecedented challenges, we must not forget the vital contributions African American art and culture make to the spirit and vitality of our city. 

Confronted with the extraordinary human and financial toll brought by the COVID 19 pandemic, the City has proposed a revised budget that includes the elimination of funding for AAMP.   While difficult decisions are necessary during this time of shared sacrifice, the de-funding of the museum will disproportionately impact Philadelphia’s foremost African American cultural institution and the community it serves.

The email goes on to encourage Philadelphians to ask the City Council to restore the Museum’s annual budget. 

In the fall of 2019,’s publisher, Dan Perkins, visited AAMP and was impressed with the IN CONVERSATION exhibit, which featured images of Black men taken over several decades by prominent Black photographers. 

AAMP is located a short distance from the mall that houses Liberty Hall and several other great museums.  This publication believes any funding decision that threatens AAMP’s ability to survive and thrive would be a great loss to the city of Philadelphia, the Black community that resides there; and a profound loss to our nation. strongly encourages the Philadelphia City Council, as well as the Black community and the corporate community in Philadelphia, to take steps to ensure the continuation of the museum.  The African American Museum in Philadelphia is just that important, to Philadelphia, and to the nation.