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About is published by DAN PERKINS

Business Consultant and Cultural Historian

A Call to Celebrate Goodness


Business Consultant and Cultural Historian is a collection of stories about amazing people, events, and discoveries that reflect the beauty and vitality of Black People, in America, and around the globe, as experienced by one Black man, me, Dan Perkins. 

For more than thirty years, I have supported the formation, development, and utilization of Black- and Minority-owned businesses, by serving as a supplier diversity consultant to major corporations and organizations across many industries within the United States. 

I have served on the boards of several nonprofit organizations, including organizations focused on commerce, the arts, and economic development.  I am an active member of my home church, and collaborate with several churches committed to the spiritual and social growth of Black communities.

I have always wanted to tell the stories of people that live inspired lives.  This website is a “virtual album” of people, places and things that inspire a sense of wonder, compassion, caring and goodness.