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Andrew on Kath

Exactly what had been you hoping for?

To fulfill somebody brand-new. Im ready to accept retiring everywhere very found Kath in Birmingham, halfway between the woman house and my own. I am happy to journey to meet someone special.

Very first impressions?

Enthusiasm. We talked conveniently and joyfully.

Just what did you explore?

Our youngsters. Food. Pet welfare. Green dilemmas. Brexit. Electrical cars. Natural disasters. Faith. The Proms. The abrupt death of the woman spouse, and my split up. Unused nest syndrome.

Any awkward minutes


Not many, I would state.

Great dining table manners?

There have beenn’t any issues in my situation.

Smartest thing about Kath?

The woman interest and commitment to her music and to existence. She was actually stuffed with programs for another without the woman spouse.

Are you willing to present Kath to your buddies?


Describe Kath in three terms.

Passionate, lively, musical.

What exactly do you might think she made from you?

I could come across as overpowering but I didn’t think we would find that problematic.

Do you carry on someplace?

No, we failed to.

And … do you hug?

No. We hugged goodbye right at the end.

If you could transform something regarding night what might it be?

Whenever we had been even more regional we could possibly have relaxed much more.


Fancy a blind go out?


Blind time is actually Saturday’s matchmaking line: every week, two
visitors tend to be paired upwards for dinner and beverages, immediately after which pour the beans
to united states, answering a set of concerns. This works, with a photograph we
just take of each dater before the day, in Saturday journal (during the
UK) and online at
every Saturday. It’s been running since 2009 – you can
study all about exactly how we put it together here

What concerns will I end up being asked?

ask about age, area, job, passions, passions plus the variety of
individual you’re looking meet up with. If you fail to consider these concerns
protect all you would like to understand, inform us what’s in your thoughts.

Could I choose just who we accommodate with?

its a blind big date! But we would ask you to answer a bit regarding the interests,
tastes, etc – the greater amount of you reveal, the better the match is probable
to get.

Can I choose the image?

No, but do not stress: we will select best ones.

Just what personal stats will be?

Very first title, work and age.

How must I respond to?

but pleasantly. Keep an eye on how it will read towards go out, which
Blind day reaches extreme audience, in print and online.

Am I going to see the other individual’s responses?

No. we could possibly change yours and theirs for a range of reasons, including size, therefore may want to know to get more details.

Will you find myself The One?

We will take to! Marriage! Children!

Could I get it done in my house city?

Only when it’s in the UK. Many of our applicants live in London, but we would like to hear from men and women living elsewhere.

Tips apply


Marks out of 10?


Do you really fulfill once more?

Yes. We talked of it, as she does started to London and I might be household searching in north throughout the the following year.

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Andrew and Kath on the time

Kath on Andrew

60, retired instructor

Just what had been you longing for?

A wide-ranging chat with a curious gentleman.

First thoughts?

Patient and good-humoured. Being later is actually stressful, thus I was a little flustered.

Just what did you speak about?

Household. Retirement hopes. Canines. The joys of a good canal system.

Any embarrassing minutes?

I might have asked too many concerns but Andrew was constantly really courteous and responded them.

Great table manners?

No troubles that i really could detect for Andrew, but we struggled to delicately munch my moist rainbow salad.

Smartest thing about Andrew?

He could be a very painful and sensitive guy which cares significantly about their household, a value I trust and show. The guy additionally requires enjoyment when you look at the quick situations in daily life, as would we.

Do you present Andrew your buddies?

Yes, I think Andrew would feel safe with my pals.

Describe Andrew in three terms.

Patient, interested and funny.

What exactly do you would imagine he made from you?

Vibrant, chatty.

Do you carry on someplace?

No, Andrew had a meeting to wait and I also got the chance to meet up with my girl.

And … did you hug?

Politely regarding the cheek.

In the event that you could change a very important factor towards evening what would it be?

We might currently climbing up a hill aided by the canines.

Scars off 10?


Would you satisfy once more?

We swapped figures.

Andrew and Kath ate at

black singles Saint Paul Residence

Birmingham. Fancy a blind go out? Email