This Tampon Alternate Can Make All Your Period Sex Headaches Disappear

Almost every girl has actually the woman look at whether
having duration intercourse
is correct on her behalf. I can talk for days regarding the numerous
health gains duration gender can provide
. As an instance, it can help alleviate cramps, shorten the duration of your duration, and even cause higher intimacy with your companion. I am talking about, bloodstream get everywhere. You simply can’t get anymore close than that.

Trust in me, i will completely understand just why some people
you shouldn’t enjoy period intercourse
. But if the mess is really what’s switching you faraway from getting it in, really, absolutely
a fresh tampon option
about to hit the market which is supposed to generate your period sex concerns go-away.

Its about monthly period discs.
The Flex Company
created FLEX, a smooth, disposable monthly period disk that may be used for up to 12 hours. It really is doctor-approved to-be secure, user friendly, BPA-free, hypo-allergenic, and wont result in
harmful shock disorder
. On a much brighter note, the purpose behind the merchandise is a fairly noble any.

“FLEX was created as an appropriate, as pleasing substitute for tampons, pads, and glasses. We took significant concern making use of the services and products available to us—but moreover, we had been upset by conversations becoming got about menstrual,” Lauren Schulte, creator and Chief Executive Officer associated with the Flex organization says to Bustle.

Truth be told. Periods are a natural element of all women’s existence. It really is some thing we should all accept. However, there is nonetheless an unnecessary stigma around it. Because of that, Schulte started FLEX with “a mission to create good, engaging conversations about ladies figures.”

Here are five stuff you should know about FLEX:

1. It Is An Intravaginal Device

Schulte learned all about
menstrual cups
for the first time in 2014, and ended up being right away interested in their unique pledge. However, she admittedly was actually frustrated by how challenging these people were to put and take away. By generating FLEX, Schulte appears to reduce that problem.

FLEX is actually placed straight in following down to the bottom of the cervix and tucks in behind the pubic bone tissue. This creates a leak-proof seal while leaving the vaginal canal free—unlike a tampon or cup, which plugs up a woman’s genital canal.

Like a monthly period cup, FLEX collects versus absorbs your own menses. But the main element difference is it really is worn at the root of the cervix versus in the vaginal channel. This allows for atmosphere to circulate freely, which will help minimize cramping. As a major plus, it will likewise allow for sexual intercourse while using it.

2. It Is Throwaway And May End Up Being Worn Around 12 Several Hours

What’s more, it keeps between five to eight tampons of substance. That means you simply must change it about a few times each day. It doesn’t soak up like a tampon, therefore it will not result in problems or TSS.

3. Mess-Free Stage Gender Is An Extra Extra

FLEX easily markets itself as “a new type of product for mess no-cost duration gender.” But Schulte and Head of development, Erika Jensen, had reservations selling it as such. After hearing suggestions from lots of its very early consumers, they learned that many people whom picked to not end up being intimate in their period for reasons uknown, responded positively to a product that will let them have sexual intercourse in their period.

“FLEX allows couples that wouldn’t have formerly got duration intercourse a brand new possibility to discuss it and attempt it,” Schulte states. “And for people who were already comfy having duration gender (such as you), FLEX conserves the white sheets and we can take pleasure in the second more, versus operating towards bath.”

4. FLEX Is Focused On Sending Girls Alternatives

In accordance with Schulte, 85 % of females who try FLEX the very first time wish change to their product full-time. While women have actually responded well toward 12-hour leak-free protection, cramp reliefs, and disposability, Schulte says best praise they obtain is FLEX is actually “thus comfortable they skip they are to their period whenever sporting it.”

While which is great, Schulte and Jensen finally like to give females with option.

“Women are wise,” Schulte says. “That’s the genuine point. We wish to offer females an alternative choice. So, if they’re like united states and hate your options available today, they can change entirely from tampons to FLEX.”

5. You’ll Be Able To Preorder Them Today

You can easily sign up for pre-orders these days at
The FLEX old gay men dating company website
. Complimentary examples of the merchandise are increasingly being offered, susceptible to accessibility to training course. They start shipping the item in Sep.

“we feel that the majority of stigma about ladies times is powered by shortage of knowledge. So we think women can be yearning feeling more comfortable throughout their durations, and this better services and products, engaging talks, and a deeper knowledge of the woman body can establish good modification,” Schulte says


“Women spend practically one fourth regarding lives menstruating, and in case we can help make females feel also somewhat less uncomfortable about the woman human anatomy during this time, we have now carried out all of our goal.”

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