Queer togetherness and happiness on the web: Yves Rees in the Archer #14 release

The next is actually a brief plant from

Exactly about Yves: Records from a Transition

(A&U, RRP $32.99) by Yves Rees and is also available
right here

No one was actually writing about any kind of this. Our lockdown knowledge got no airtime.

Alternatively, the news and political leaders informed tales of white picket fences and atomic people. Homeschooling, sourdough starter, quarantinis, Bunnings tasks, family members Tiktoks. A run on recovery puppies and jigsaws. Hunker down, get cosy because of the family members. Grow a veggie patch. Watch the footy with a beer or two. This is a winter like not one, but we will get through it together. Keep all your family members close.

Exactly what unless you live with family? What if your loved ones has rejected you if you are trans? Let’s say the only household are fellow queers who are now banned from collecting?

What if you are able to feel yourself disappearing after weeks and several months starved of anyone like you?

Just what next?


n spring, after above 6 months of lockdown, i am invited for the Zoom launch associated with
latest concern


, a Melbourne-based queer journal. I’ve provided articles, and additionally they wish us to read from my personal part.

I consent, but from responsibility. Its another job, just one more Zoom to increase the 100s upon hundreds attended this current year. We have witnessed numerous soul-crushing hrs looking at a montage of confronts. Now, simply the look for the blue-and-white Zoom logo design causes nausea.


he week prior to the launch, an cost to redirect mail australia post bundle arrives: accents. The


staff have sent me personally rainbow ads, mag prints and confetti to spice up my backdrop. Vivid reds and blues and purples and greens. It is unnecessary and that I love it.

With existence now lowered to blank necessities, all unlimited tones of grey, there’s something defiant about spending some time and money on simple colourful

report. It reminds me of the joys of frivolity.

The address of All About Yves: Notes from a change by Yves Rees. Available
right here


n the evening, rainbow ornaments properly strung right up behind myself, the launch begins with a cardio program directed by drag musician
Betty Grumble
. Adorned in high-cut leotard and mid-eighties sweatbands, Grumble gets us to shimmy and shake.

“give thanks to your own systems, give thanks to the bodies!” she instructs, covering the woman arms around herself.

Next, contributors study from your pieces. Besides me, absolutely a homosexual man writing about the ravages of HIV; a lesbian confessing the woman Catholic guilt; an Indigenous area frontrunner. Various different, all appreciated right here. Within area, we’re the VIPs, maybe not the freaks. In the hub, perhaps not the margins.


s we browse, the cam fulfills with really love and affirmation from market of guy queers. We can’t take alike physical spot, but we achieve each other with words. We haven’t moved my G&T but may nevertheless detect a glow inside my veins.

Currently, this will be a Zoom like not any other. No further a chore. T

hen, the dance starts.
DJ Gay Father
, a non-binary performer,

causes you through a couple of queer anthems, very early 2000s pop classics, and traditional disco.

The ‘crowd’ goes untamed. We writhe and bop and shake in our loungerooms, kicking feet and swaying hips, aside but with each other, moving off the stress of many several months.


omehow, I find the neurological to exit my personal video on. I’m moving like nobody is actually watching – but you that lots of everyone is.

The real difference is because they’re my men and women. The people whom never ever had gotten the sympathy vote on TV, who were never recognized by ScoMo or Gladys or Daniel Andrews in his North Face. The individuals whom know very well what getting undetectable feels as though. Those who have no bangs remaining to provide.

This is certainly our own option world, in which we make rules.


he faces regarding the screen cheer my personal passionate dancing, and that’s at the top of electricity if light on finesse. High kicks, waving hands, moving foot. Never ever stop moving. Sweating soaks my T-shirt; the kitties took retreat in bed.

The DJ’s set is meant to work for one hour but winds up choosing above two. We now have final tune after last track, just for all of us to plead for the next.

We all have been producing movie stars of our selves tonight. A constellation of pulsing aliveness. Tonight, we insist upon our very own existence. With each other, we’re actual.

Dazzling, also.

This might be an extract from

About Yves: Notes from a Transition

(A&U, RRP $32.99) by Yves Rees and is also available
right here

Dr Yves Rees (they/them) is an author and historian centered on unceded Wurundjeri secure. They’re a Lecturer of all time at Los Angeles Trobe University, the co-host of Archive Fever history podcast, and the composer of All About Yves: records from a Transition (Allen & Unwin, 2021). Also they are co-editor of absolutely nothing to Hide: Voices of Trans and Gender various Australia (Allen & Unwin, 2022). Rees was actually awarded the 2020 ABR Calibre Essay reward and a 2021 Varuna Residential Fellowship. Their particular authorship features showcased into the Guardian, Age, Sydney Summary Of Publications, Australian Book Review, Meanjin, the Griffith Review and Overland, among different guides.